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Is Your Water Good — or Just Good Enough?

A Culligan® Whole Home Solution can greatly improve your quality of life in . How greatly? We’ll get to that in a second. As a general public utility, water is used in each and every household throughout the day. We interact with our water on a regular basis. Similar to electricity

2017 Brought Numerous Challenges to Culligan Cares

2017 was a crazy year for disasters, aided by an angry mother nature that saw major hurricanes in Florida and the Gulf Coast, to wild fires in California. All of it affects the way people use and consume water. Culligan Cares was there to help! In February, Culligan Cares collaborated with the

“And The Winner Is…Water!”

Culligan Water rolled out its new brand campaign Sunday night during the Golden Globes, and it was a big hit. The ad, in which Cary Elwes (sort of) reprises his role from The Princess Bride, was received by 19 million U.S. viewers, plus an additional 3 million in Canada. Check it out!

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